Love, Accepted Everywhere…

AsIAm_byFJ_Logo_1Love is the Universal currency accepted everywhere. We have the power to actively attract, draw and acquire all we need (to us and through us) with active Love (patience, kindness, gentleness, self control…). As Love is the Universal currency and the only true value, our souls and lives prosper in the endless, abundant and eternal supply of Love. To “purchase all” with Love is a bridging concept to let go of a limited idea of wealth to embrace the eternal understanding that Love is everywhere, in everything and we attract and acquire all we desire with Love, in Love as all exists in Love and all is possible in Love. To draw with Love, cover our multitude of debts (both spiritual and physical) with Love, to be in Love is the ultimate existence; to move (that is to move ourselves AND create motion in all we desire, be it people, places, circumstances or objects, thoughts or things) and have our being in Love is the most beautiful and powerful reality to experience wholly here and now…


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